African literature on conflict definition

A new article on the Conflict Definition literature website has shed some light on the topic of conflict definitions and how they can help readers understand the nature and scope of conflicts and how to apply them to real-world situations.The article, titled “Africa’s Conflict Definition Literature”, has been written by a researcher from the Institute […] →Read more

What the authors of this book said about the book they are reading

This is a review of a book by the authors.It may contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.This is a book review, so it’s important that we are clear about the purpose of this review.It is an outline of the book and a description of its plot and themes.You can find a summary of […] →Read more

‘Postmodernism: A Brief History’

A brief history of postmodernism, with essays by writer and editor A.J. Liebling.Topics: history,fiction-novels,world-politics,international-aid-and-trade,united-states,uk,france Contact A. J. Liebing at [email protected] or 702-383-5520. →Read more