How to Get Away With Murder: The Art of Murder, Part 1

With her mother’s help, her brother-in-law, and her brother’s friend, Marie, she travels to the island of the dead to learn the secrets of the past.But when a mysterious man appears to her and demands her to leave, she decides to take a stand.This is a gripping drama about a family’s struggle to live together […] →Read more

Why we love the New York Times

A couple weeks ago, we shared a story about a woman who used the hashtag #WeGotToMakeItAwkward for an article about a “wearing a hijab to work.”And it seemed to hit a nerve.We thought this story would resonate.We decided to put it on our show.So we reached out to some of the people who made it […] →Read more

How to Stop a Rape in the Workplace

The most common argument against changing workplace safety policies is that they’ll increase workplace violence.But the evidence isn’t so strong. According to a survey of nearly 10,000 people conducted by the Violence Policy Center (VPC), only a tiny percentage of employees who work in the workplace have been assaulted in the past year.And most of the […] →Read more

A short essay on the origins of the concept of monologue, in Latin and English, by Richard Wainwright, a Cambridge English professor of English and the editor of the Cambridge Companion to Literary and Philosophical Studies, an online collection of essays on the history of literary theory. title A few thoughts on monologues and the origins

The Atlantic article “It was the year of the monologue.”That’s how the title of the essay, “The Origins of the Monologue,” was originally intended.The essay was published in an anthology edited by Richard Wright, a professor of literary and philosophical studies at Cambridge University, and was first published online last week.The monologue is an important […] →Read more

What’s wrong with the books? | New York Times review format

The New York, New Jersey-based Times Books publishes books, mostly about American culture, on a wide range of topics including literature, sports, technology and culture.But for the last several years, the Times has been under fire for publishing a book about a prominent white supremacist.The controversy over the new book by Richard Spencer has prompted […] →Read more

How to read the books you like most in the most meaningful way

The world is full of books you can’t read because you haven’t read them.You don’t need to be an expert to appreciate them. But you do need to understand what they are telling you.They’re not just books for you.There’s a lot to know about literature that doesn’t get told to you in an ordinary classroom setting.And […] →Read more

What makes a ‘gangster disciple’ book?

With a name like “The Ghost of the Gun,” the name of this novel seems to be a reference to the gangster archetype.The book is the second installment in a trilogy of novels, published in the 1980s, about the gangsters of the 1970s.The first novel was written by James Gleeson, a veteran crime writer who […] →Read more

How to write a book definition literature

Definition literature is the art of crafting a novel using a story, character, setting, and setting.There are a lot of books out there for this purpose, but for the purposes of this article, I’m going to use the classic, Robert A. Heinlein’s The Martian Chronicles.The story, which tells the story of an astronaut who wakes […] →Read more

Study finds no link between ADHD diagnosis and ADHD symptoms

A study has found no link, at least in the UK, between ADHD and a diagnosis of ADHD.Key points:The study was carried out by researchers from the University of Bristol and published in the British Journal of Psychiatry.(ABC News)The study found no connection between ADHD symptoms and a DSM-5 diagnosis of ADD.(ABC New Zealand)The researchers […] →Read more

How to write a children’s book for kids

Kids love reading, and a growing number of them have found a way to get their hands on books for reading pleasure.CBC’s Margaret Vennard explores how children’s books are becoming more popular these days, as they become more popular among families. 1:00 →Read more