An Irish journalist’s book about writing, and the struggle of her generation

The Irish Examiner title The ‘Irish journalist’ is dead article The Independent title A woman’s diary of ‘the Irish journalist’ article The Times of London article The Scotsman article The Guardian article The Sun article The Sunday Times article The Washington Post article The Telegraph article The New York Times article ABC News article The […] →Read more

The Voice of India

The Voice Of India, a Hindi-language online news portal, has published a story in which it quotes Dr. Rajiv Malhotra as saying that there is no way that the current government is able to achieve its goals.The Times of Indian also quotes Dr Rakesh Kothari, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, […] →Read more

How to be a professional writer: What to do to make your book stand out

Why do people want to be writers?The word has a big stigma attached to it, but the reason is simple.It’s a job.Writers are creative, creative thinkers.The way you create work is to find and communicate your ideas in a way that is easy to digest.You need to be able to read, understand and write.But writers […] →Read more

How To Create A Novel Without A Book Is A Real Job

The first thing you need to know about the job market is that people are more likely to seek work if they know they will have to do it.That’s why it’s important to start small and not spend months working toward your dream job.Here are seven ways to start.1.Get Your Ideas Out There.This is one […] →Read more

Irony in Literature

Irony In Literature article When it comes to writing, authors need to keep the light on.And the light is on when it comes, in the form of a book.When you write a novel, you can expect to be rewarded for your hard work.But you need to make sure that you don’t forget to pay attention […] →Read more

How to Find a Good Book Pacing Definition

From the title to the subtitle, this post is about finding a good book.The author, who is no longer with us, had a lot of advice for this task.Here’s how.The book titles are not the only criteria for finding a great book.You need to know the title of the book.I have to find out which […] →Read more

How Tencent became China’s first real estate giant

Tencent, China’s largest internet giant, has become a major player in China’s real estate market, becoming the largest tenant in some of the country’s most expensive and exclusive districts.Tencent’s holdings are in some neighborhoods as well as in some prime real estate spots, such as the Shangri-La shopping center in Shanghai, the Shanghai Oriental Resort […] →Read more

How to Read the Literature of American Literature in 20 Years

Now Playing: How to Use a Novelist’s “Guts” to Become a Writer article Now Play: How a Novel Works in a Screenwriter’s Head and How to Get the Most Out of it Now Playing, The Hollywood Reporter’s Chris Walker explains how to do a movie scene.Now Playing “The Great Gatsby” movie review: How the movie […] →Read more

Why it’s worth taking on black literature and other books that speak to racial injustice

I don’t know that I can say why I love black literature so much, but I know it’s because I find that books about race are filled with powerful ideas about justice and injustice, and because they challenge our ideas of what is possible and what is beautiful.For me, it’s an amazing place to start.Black […] →Read more

How to make a drama for Twitter with this trailer

The trailer for “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” has been shared over a million times on Twitter.The film has been praised by fans for its suspense and story lines, and is now being hailed as one of the best films of 2017.But the trailer also contains plenty of plot elements that could make it a […] →Read more