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  • Which books are worth reading?

    Tencent is the dominant Chinese e-book company, but it is not the only one.The company has released over a million titles, most of which are in English, and its English-language titles are well-received.It is worth reading the best of these titles to get an idea of how Chinese people use language.What does Chinese mean?“Chinese means […]

  • Which is the best book for fans of science fiction and fantasy?

    Science fiction and science fantasy are often used to explore themes of gender, race and sexuality, and have an influential place in popular culture.But in 2017, the genre has seen a growing number of books aimed at different audiences, with one in particular set to hit the shelves.Here are some of the best science fiction […]

  • Which Christian Literature Is Worth Reading?

    It is possible to have a good understanding of the literature of Christianity without actually reading it.This article will try to answer that question by answering the question, “Which Christian Literature is Worth Reading?” and then examining the literature in a couple of ways.1.What is Christian Literature?According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Christian literature is […]

  • How To Get a Literary Degree (Without Taking A Literature Course)

    CricInfo is a new app for fans of academic publishing that lets them find academic articles from across the globe on the Internet and discover and read them for free.The app allows users to search for articles in their preferred languages, and then choose from thousands of other English-language journals, books, magazines and other sources.Users […]

  • Which book should you read to your kids?

    This article originally appeared on Vice News.Vice News is a news service that covers the intersection of technology, culture, and entertainment.We’re dedicated to providing you with the most relevant and engaging content on the web.Follow us on Facebook for the latest news.

  • Writer’s suicide prompts outcry from LGBT community in India

    Haryana: A writer’s suicide has triggered outrage among the LGBT community here.The writer, identified as Ashok Singh, was shot dead by unidentified assailants in the city of Haryasuriya on Thursday evening.He was among more than 200 people killed in the worst spate of violence against the LGBTI community in the country in recent years.The state […]

  • Which novels should be read by kids and which for adults?

    Readers who are looking for books for kids may be in for a surprise when they find that some books that might be suitable for young children are also suitable for adults.The best books for young readers are also the ones for adults, according to a survey conducted by the Times of India newspaper.The survey […]

  • When will I graduate?

    As a graduate student in literature, you will be expected to read a wide range of texts, including Spanish, Portuguese and French, and participate in a range of cultural events.The aim of the degree is to prepare you for the academic life in academia, where you will work alongside academics and students from different disciplines […]

  • Why we love the New York Times

    A couple weeks ago, we shared a story about a woman who used the hashtag #WeGotToMakeItAwkward for an article about a “wearing a hijab to work.”And it seemed to hit a nerve.We thought this story would resonate.We decided to put it on our show.So we reached out to some of the people who made it […]

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