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  • ‘I want my money back’ after ‘fraudulent’ $1,000 check

    A woman who was forced to return her $1.9 million in tax refunds has filed a class-action lawsuit against the IRS alleging fraud.Kathleen O’Sullivan, a lawyer in Dallas, filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas on Tuesday.She alleged that IRS agents in Dallas told her she owed more […]

  • How Gay Writers Can Build A Better Life Out of College

    By Matthew Tully | April 20, 2020 6:08pm”I was never really the type to go to college,” wrote one writer who majored in English.“I did get my degree but it was never enough.”The writer’s mother was not too pleased.“It was never a very good option,” she told me.“The idea of going to college and having […]

  • When do we use symbols?

    Language, the way we communicate, is crucial to our survival and wellbeing.It shapes our identity and makes us a better person.This article examines how symbols shape our understanding of language, the structure of which is shaped by the meaning of our language, as well as the relationships between language and social practices.Keywords: language,symbols,synthesis,analysis source News […]

  • ‘I’ll give her credit’ for giving Trump credit for saving the economy

    When the Trump administration released its 2018 budget, President Trump gave credit to the president for his decision to keep the federal deficit in check.Trump has said he was responsible for the economic recovery and the fact that the federal debt is down to a level that is “lower than it’s been in 20 years,” […]

  • How to Use Your Mailer Box to Send a Literature Review

    Written by Carolyn Perrine, Literary Review is a monthly subscription to the New York Times, offering a variety of articles on literature, books, and topics.In this month’s Literature Mailer box, we take a look at how to use your mailbox to send a literary review to your favorite author, or to any book, on […]

  • How to read a novel using the ‘word-based’ structure

    By now you’ve probably noticed a pattern: Every few weeks, the title of a novel is often followed by a word or two that refers to the structure of the novel.But, according to a new paper in the journal PLOS ONE, a novel by a writer known as Dontel has taken a new and unexpected […]

  • How Dystopian Literature Explains the Tragedy Definition Literature

    Definition literature is a term coined in the 1960s by the literary critic Henry James to describe works of fiction that do not fit the traditional conventions of modern literature and, therefore, are not literary.Definition literature has been used to describe literature in works by, for, and against the traditional literary conventions since the 1930s.But […]

  • Why it’s not about the war in Syria: Why there’s a war on now

    The war in Iraq has become a new and interesting chapter in American foreign policy.Its epicenter, Iraq, is the most dangerous country in the Middle East.Its strategic depth, proximity to the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, and the long-term strategic stakes are too great for this to be a quiet chapter in history.It’s not.The war has […]

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