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  • How does it feel to be the first writer to be a Pulitzer Prize winner?

    In a few years, the Pulitzer Prize will no longer be awarded to a single person for writing the most impactful work.But there’s one person whose name will remain forever in the annals of American literature: the author of American Gothic literature.For the past 40 years, author James H. Burchfield has been the literary face […]

  • Which degree can you earn in the temple of literature?

    What is the Temple of Literature?Temple of literature is a secular educational institute founded in 1971 by the late Hindu king Ashoka.Its aim is to teach students about Hindu culture and history and to provide access to literature for people of all faiths and backgrounds.The institute has a long history of teaching young people about […]

  • How to talk about science fiction and fantasy: the definition

    In this edition of the talk, writer and speaker James O’Neill takes you through how to talk to people about science, fiction, and fantasy, including the definition.In this edition, the talk will discuss how to define science fiction or fantasy.Speaker definition: The definition is something you use to tell someone who you are, your interests […]

  • What is synesthesia?

    Synesthesia, the term for the ability to feel, experience and perceive sounds, colors and emotions through the eyes of another, is an experienced phenomenon.While there are thousands of different types of synesthesia, it is often associated with the sight of people in a similar situation, or the sounds of a song.People with synesthesia have also […]

  • Crypto-currency market to rise again, but in an uncertain future

    Cryptocurrencies have risen by over 400% this year, making them the most popular investment and speculation asset class in the world.The meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies has been attributed to a combination of factors including China’s aggressive move to regulate the virtual currency market, a growing number of new ICOs, and the rise of blockchain technologies.The […]

  • The Surrealism of Gothic Literature definition,Surrealism In Literature

    In a world that’s been turned upside down by the new wave of science fiction, where people who believe they’re living in a fantasy world can be treated as real and actually live their dreams, the Surrealist novel is the ideal literary medium for bringing us back to our roots and into our real world.But […]

  • How to talk to a Nigerian woman

    NAGA, Nigeria — A Nigerian man says he was raped in Nigeria after he told a Nigerian acquaintance to meet him in his apartment.The man told his friend he’d be home soon.But as the two made their way to his apartment, they were accosted by two men who forced them into a car, according to […]

  • When the Antagonist Is A Literary Device

    MSNBC – “When the Antagonist Is A Novel Device” – by Mark L. Henshaw, M.D. – (2018) Mental illness in the 21st century: A new study by Robert M. Schaeffer and James J. Smith, The American Journal of Psychiatry, Volume 150, Issue 8, Pages 617-626 The New York Times (1926) “A novel can be a tool to bring us together” – John Steinbeck, In a Sentence (1891) New Yorker (January […]

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