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  • How to get more out of your oral-care routine

    A healthy oral-health routine is all about balance, according to a new study.Read more about Oral Health. The American College of Oral Health (ACOH) conducted a survey of 5,000 people who had a baseline of symptoms from a previous health assessment, including dental caries, dental cariousness, oral irritation, tooth decay and gum disease.They also collected information […]

  • How to write a children’s book for kids

    Kids love reading, and a growing number of them have found a way to get their hands on books for reading pleasure.CBC’s Margaret Vennard explores how children’s books are becoming more popular these days, as they become more popular among families. 1:00

  • What is the meaning of the name ‘Lightning’?

    Anil Chandra Das and Amit Chaudhary have put forward a book called ‘Lightnings’ to explain the significance of the Sanskrit word ‘Light’.The duo has asked people to consider that this word, meaning ‘light’, is the most sacred term in the world, said the book, which is being released today.The word ‘light’ is also known as […]

  • How a great football club transformed the world in the 1920s

    By Football Italian staffThe story of the Red Stars is one of the most legendary football clubs of all time, and today it’s hard to imagine any team in the history of football having achieved what the Red Bulls did in 1920s.The Red Bulls were an extremely exciting and competitive team, and their best players […]

  • How to find a pun in a book

    The phrase “puns in literature” has a long history in literature.Puns have been a popular topic in poetry, music, film, and more.But a lot of them have been taken out of context and misused.Read more here.

  • What to read in ‘A Beautiful Mind’

    What to Read in ‘Anomalisa’ articleWhat to Read In ‘Beautiful Minds’What to Listen To ‘Beautifully’What To Listen To In ‘A Perfect Day’What’s On Your iPod playlist for Christmas 2018?What’s Your Favorite Holiday Movie?

  • Free erotic literature in Italy

    Free erotic novels and poetry, a novel by French author Jacques Toussaint, has been released in Italy after being previously banned in the United States.The work, which has been published by French publisher Le Creusot, is set in the fictional village of Montesano, which is known for its romantic atmosphere and rich folklore.According to the […]

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