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  • How to Read and Discuss the Postmodernist Literature Review

    A few days ago, the Postcolonial Literature Review blog posted a piece on how to read and discuss postmodernism.One of the points of contention is the way that postmodernists are described.Many of them are referred to as “postmodernists” and they are often seen as a group of writers that is trying to reconcile a post-colonial […]

  • Which is more important, reading a book or writing a book?

    Fox News has taken the unusual step of asking readers to choose the two.The question has sparked a new era of research in the field of book and fiction, where books are often cited as the key to success in life.A recent study by psychologists found that those who read books are better at coping […]

  • Which books are best for writers? – By Aamir Khan

    The first thing I did upon reading this article was google the title of it, and I saw that it was written by Amitabh Bachchan.I thought, I wonder what a book by Amit would have to be like to write about a character that has a different look to me.It seems that Amit is a […]

  • How to read fiction about real-life events, according to science: An

    by Sarah Frawley and John Vennaro article The science behind how to read novels about real life events has been a topic of contention for years.The problem is that a lot of the research has been based on flawed assumptions.In fact, we’ve been able to identify a number of problems with how the field is […]

  • How to choose Chinese Literature

    By William S. Lee and James C. C. HagerSource Financial Post cover title What to do when you don’t know much about a book: How to make your Chinese Literature reading comprehension better article By James C Hager and William S LeeSource Financial View article article Article by William S Hager

  • How to read tragedy definition book definition

    A word or phrase that describes a situation, event, or phenomenon in a particular way.The dictionary definition of tragedy defines literature as “a literary work which is descriptive of an experience or situation, and has its source in the ordinary sense”.The dictionary defines tragedy as “one which involves or concerns a human life”.The word tragedy […]

  • How to stop the ‘New York Times’ from publishing fake news

    New York Times editor Bill Keller has become the latest Times executive to face accusations of manipulating stories in the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.In an article on Monday, Keller wrote that “our journalism is too strong” to be “driven by fake news.”In an interview with CNN, Keller responded by saying, “I […]

  • The Conflict in Literature exam is over: Can we get rid of it?

    NEW YORK – The conflict in literature exam is back.And it’s still a little tough to take.The exam, which has been around since 1993, is designed to help students identify the difference between the real and fictional world.It asks students to write a book or screenplay in the real world and write an essay in […]

  • How to get more out of your oral-care routine

    A healthy oral-health routine is all about balance, according to a new study.Read more about Oral Health. The American College of Oral Health (ACOH) conducted a survey of 5,000 people who had a baseline of symptoms from a previous health assessment, including dental caries, dental cariousness, oral irritation, tooth decay and gum disease.They also collected information […]

  • How to write a children’s book for kids

    Kids love reading, and a growing number of them have found a way to get their hands on books for reading pleasure.CBC’s Margaret Vennard explores how children’s books are becoming more popular these days, as they become more popular among families. 1:00

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