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  • How to define a fantasy novel

    definition fiction A literary work of fiction that deals with events and people outside the usual story-line, usually involving magical, mythological or supernatural creatures.The term is often used interchangeably with fantasy, but is not usually used in this sense.description fiction A work of art in which the author provides a description of the action or […]

  • Why is there so much diversity in the literary world?

    article By David DeChiara | 14 May 2018 07:54:49I’ve always thought that the more diverse the books, the more accessible they are.The problem is, I think that’s a misperception.As a white man, my experience is limited.For me, literature is about all races, genders, sexuality and sexual orientations.I know that my experience of literature is limited […]

  • How to get the best job in the world

    By now, you’ve probably heard that job offers are dropping all over the country.Many of them, including one from the University of Chicago, were a complete bust for me.The job offers weren’t good enough for me, and I’m not sure how many other job opportunities exist.This is because, despite the job market in America looking […]

  • How to Write a Classic Quote

    A good quote can inspire a story, or a quote from a great writer, or even a meme.Here are a few ways to capture and communicate timeless insights in your writing.1.Emotional Quote2.Cognitive Quote3.Logical Quote4.Logico-Philosophical Quote5.Political Quote6.Social Quote7.Social Sentiment8.Personal Quote9.Personal Style10.Personality11.Personality Characteristics12.Personality Traits13.Personal Goals14.Personality Styles15.Personality Type16.Personality Types17.Personal Skills18.Personality Disorders19.Personality Problems20. Personas

  • What is an “Ancestral Linguistics”?

    This article is part of the Ancient Literature Circle, an initiative of The New York Times and The Atlantic that aims to explore and explore the history and the future of literature.The initiative, which includes research and a symposium, is supported by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.The Times and the Atlantic are partners with […]

  • The Roman Revolution: The Myth of the Roman Soldier

    The Roman army is said to have fought against a horde of barbarians who had invaded and enslaved the empire.They are also said to be the “greatest hero of all time”.The myth is popular among young people and in many books, with a popular children’s TV show, The Roman Soldier, based on the popular series, […]

  • Which novel series did you pick up when you were young?

    I remember reading a lot of stories when I was a kid.One of my favorites was The Jungle Book.I loved it.The stories were full of adventure, and it was all about the magic of nature.And I was drawn to the jungle.And it was so beautiful.I was so into it.I wanted to live there, and I […]

  • How to spot a viral meme on the internet

    On Sunday night, MTV News published a story titled “It’s a Trap,” which featured a picture of a woman’s headless body.“We’re not sure what to make of it, but we are definitely looking at it,” MTV’s senior writer for social media Ben Kuchera wrote.“It may be a hoax or a photo, but it’s a meme.”He […]

  • How to Stop a Rape in the Workplace

    The most common argument against changing workplace safety policies is that they’ll increase workplace violence.But the evidence isn’t so strong. According to a survey of nearly 10,000 people conducted by the Violence Policy Center (VPC), only a tiny percentage of employees who work in the workplace have been assaulted in the past year.And most of the […]

  • What’s wrong with the books? | New York Times review format

    The New York, New Jersey-based Times Books publishes books, mostly about American culture, on a wide range of topics including literature, sports, technology and culture.But for the last several years, the Times has been under fire for publishing a book about a prominent white supremacist.The controversy over the new book by Richard Spencer has prompted […]

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