Which is the best feminist novel of 2018?

The year has been a busy one for literary fiction, with new female writers coming out of the woodwork, as well as many new novels being published.With such a huge number of books out there to choose from, it’s difficult to know which is the most worthy.So let’s do some of the most intriguing, intriguing […] →Read more

‘Pulitzer Prize for Literature’: How Epic is ‘Pulp Fiction 2.0’ – Exclusive interview with filmmaker Josh Singer

From the creators of ‘Pelican’ and ‘Pilgrim’, Josh Singer has produced a new, critically acclaimed film about the novel Pulitzer Prize winner Pulitzer prize winning author William Faulkner.The documentary is set to hit cinemas on January 28.Singer, who is best known for directing the ‘Hangover’ and upcoming ‘Bully’ films, said: “Pulp fiction is a great […] →Read more

How to make a history of the English language

The English language, for a lot of people, is a pretty boring and predictable thing. It’s one of those languages that people have been using for thousands of years, so when you start telling a story about that, it’s going to be something new and different. You can’t just write down what’s been happening for the last thousand […] →Read more

What’s ironic in literature?

By MICHAEL KARELL, AP Writer The Washington TimesA young woman is a hero.An elderly man is a fool.A man is an idiot.A woman is an angel.And a man is just a baby.That’s how the titles of nearly two dozen books describe the characters in the stories that have made the best-selling titles of the literary […] →Read more

‘I don’t want to hear about this’: Bookseller accused of raping woman on New York subway

An Amazon.com bookstore owner who allegedly raped a woman in her Manhattan home in a dispute over a bookseller’s literary definition of literature has been arrested.An NYPD detective on Thursday announced the arrest of Richard J. Kapp, 61, on charges of rape, forcible sexual abuse, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal impersonation and endangering the […] →Read more

Why does a new book of paradoxes have a paradox in it?

A new book published in 2017 has a paradox about what happens to people when they die.This paradox was coined by a group of mathematicians, and its existence is described in an article in the New York Times, as the result of a disagreement between two of them about what makes a story true or […] →Read more

How to find the best football fans

In the summer of 2015, I started reading football fans’ sites, and was instantly hooked.One thing I found surprising was how much they shared, even if I didn’t agree with their opinions or opinions about a player or a team.I wanted to know if there was a place for them in football fandom, and the […] →Read more

Why I love ‘American Literature’ Podcasts

I love podcasts!They give me a different perspective on the world, give me an outlet for my creativity, and help me understand a book.They also give me something to do when I’m bored.So, I decided to create a podcast that explores my favorite books, including ones from my childhood.I love reading, but I can’t stop […] →Read more

How the American Bible Was Born

The earliest Christian literature is a collection of writings by a group of biblical scholars called the American Hebrew Bible Society (AHBS).They compiled these works and passed them on to their contemporaries and followers in the early years of the 20th century.In addition to the Bible, the AHBS published other works such as the Book […] →Read more

A Comparative Study of Novels from the English-Speaking Countries and the Japanese Languages

By now you’ve probably seen the movie, The Birth of a Nation.It’s the one about a young slave boy named Jason who is rescued from slavery and becomes the first black American president.I watched the movie with my parents, and I love it.It has a story that resonates with my own life story, and it’s […] →Read more