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  • How to read a logotype

    Definition Literature article How to interpret a logographic image in literature?The following article was published in The American Library Journal.(More) If you enjoy this article, we’d appreciate a donation to the American Library Association.Learn more.About the author(s):Mary G. Koss, PhD, is an associate professor of history and literature at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.She received her […]

  • How to Make a Book With Just a Page of Word Count

    I’m often asked how to write prose that has just a page of text.If you’ve ever written a book, you know that there are many techniques and styles that are very difficult to follow, and that the writing process is a very complex and iterative one.But there are a few things you can do to […]

  • Why are you so obsessed with the “Pathos” definition of literature?

    The “Patho” definition has been used as a justification for all sorts of nonsense, from the idea that the American dream was a fairy tale to the idea of “postmodernism,” which posits that “anything that sounds remotely contemporary and contemporaryist is somehow postmodern.”The latest example of this bizarre, hyper-futuristic, and ultimately pointless notion is the […]

  • Facebook, Google and other big tech companies open new markets for their products

    The latest news about the future of the internet and commerce comes from Facebook and Google, and it has big implications for the future.First up is Facebook, which has been making significant inroads into China and South Korea with its own version of Whatsapp.While the new Facebook Messenger app was introduced in early 2016, the […]

  • How to read the best American novels

    A reader’s favorite novels may be an old-fashioned, traditional genre.But new, modernist fiction has been rising to the challenge, according to a recent study by the Writers Guild of America.And it’s not just novelists who are getting in on the act.American writers have written some of the most beloved works in the genre, with many […]

  • How to read English from 1900s literature: Dialect definition

    A lot of people would argue that modern English has been “lost in translation”, and that we don’t really understand it.That might be true.But we can use a bit of linguistic sleight of hand to help us make sense of the modern English we speak today.This is a series of articles looking at how modern […]

  • How to use apostrophe and “symbol” in literature

    The “symbolic” part of a symbol is used to signify that the symbol is a symbol of something else, a place, an event, a person.The “apostrophe” part is used for emphasis, as in “a statue of Jesus was standing” or “a picture of Jesus with a cross was hanging in a museum”.We use the word […]

  • Which literary works have the best conflicts in literature?

    Newsweek , December 8, 2011 – 12:00:01The editors at Newsweek have selected a collection of primary literature from across the world that they feel has the best conflict in literature.The editors said their selections for the list reflect their view that books should be read and read with care.“This is an opportunity for us to […]

  • The definitive definition of classic literature.

    Classic literature is a set of works by or about people or groups of people that predate the rise of the modern state.The definition of the term is a tricky one.“It depends,” says David E. Karp, professor of English at the University of Maryland and author of the definitive definition.“It depends on what we mean […]

  • How to read the word literature

    The Washington Times is celebrating the opening of a new national library with the launch of the National Literary Heritage Foundation (NLIF), a national literary initiative.The new initiative aims to promote and celebrate literature through the reading of books.The foundation has created the NLIF’s new website to help readers learn about literature and to promote […]

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