Which is the best book for fans of science fiction and fantasy?

Science fiction and science fantasy are often used to explore themes of gender, race and sexuality, and have an influential place in popular culture.

But in 2017, the genre has seen a growing number of books aimed at different audiences, with one in particular set to hit the shelves.

Here are some of the best science fiction novels to read in 2017.

The Expanse series by Frank Herbert is a series of novels that explore the human condition, from a scientific perspective.

It is the longest running science fiction series in the world, and it’s also one of the most popular.

The series has been described by fans as a “meta-fantasy” and has had a number of authors and publishers attempt to make a sequel.

It’s the perfect story to read if you’re a fan of science and you’re looking for something that will keep you entertained throughout.

The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman is the second book in the series, and a series that follows a group of survivors who have escaped the undead apocalypse in the fictional world of Atlanta.

The novel focuses on the survival of the survivors as they struggle to rebuild their lives in a world that has changed beyond their control.

This series is also set in the post-apocalyptic Atlanta, and is set to release in 2018.

It follows Rick Grimes, a leader of a group known as the Saviors who has survived the zombie apocalypse.

The book is set in 2029, but the novel was written in the early 20th century, and takes place in the present day.

It will be released on September 6, 2018.

The Chronicles of Narnia by JK Rowling is a children’s book series which tells the story of Nell, the young heroine who discovers the magical powers of the animals and discovers the origin of the magical creatures known as Narnias.

It has been praised by fans for its themes of social justice, and for its emphasis on a female protagonist.

The story follows Nell as she goes through a series or quest, and will be available in 2019.

The Adventures of Tintin by Charles Dickens is the first book in his “Little Red Book” series, a series which explores the lives of children throughout the UK, and its popularity has seen the series continue to be a favourite among fans of Dickens.

The first book of the series was published in 1913, and the book was praised for its realism and its exploration of the lives and lives of young people.

It also had a significant influence on the rise of the modern fantasy genre.

The third book in this series, The Jungle Book, is set a couple of years after the first two, and stars a group who are searching for a lost princess.

The film adaptation of The Jungle Books will be in cinemas in 2019, and has been likened to a sequel to the original.

It stars a boy named Ben who becomes friends with a girl named Marceline, who later becomes a princess.

It was released in 2017 and is the sixth book in The Jungle Series, which has been adapted into five films.

The Little Mermaid by J.K. Rowling is one of JK’s most well-known works, and also the title of one of his most well received books.

The author’s books have been described as “magnificent,” “beautiful” and “delicious,” and have become hugely popular with children.

The stories of the Little Mermaid, which was published from 1989 to 1996, have sold more than 100 million copies.

The movie adaptation was released last year, and was praised by critics for its plot, which focuses on a princess named Ariel, who was born with her parents’ curse.

The books have also been adapted for television and the Disney Channel, with the series currently in the process of being adapted into a feature film.

It focuses on Ariel, a princess who becomes a mermaid after the death of her mother.

The second book of The Little Princess Series, The Book of Unwritten Tales, will be published in 2019 and is written by Anne Tyler, who also wrote the first three books in the “Little Mermaid” series.

The three books are set in various parts of the sea world, each focused on a different theme.

The two stories focus on a merwoman named Milly who becomes pregnant, and when she is about to give birth, she falls into a pool of her own blood, which she attempts to wash away.

The mermaid tries to escape by jumping into a nearby river, but when she does, she encounters an unseen force, and falls into the water.

It takes her to the land of Ursula, where she meets a princess, who tells her about her birth.

The next book in her series, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, was published earlier this year, but will be the first time the series will be adapted into the feature film form.

It tells the tale of Snow White, who is a princess after her mother dies.

It revolves around her life as a princess and the adventures