Which books are best for writers? – By Aamir Khan

The first thing I did upon reading this article was google the title of it, and I saw that it was written by Amitabh Bachchan.

I thought, I wonder what a book by Amit would have to be like to write about a character that has a different look to me.

It seems that Amit is a writer.

I also thought that Amit was a writer, because in his books, he uses the word “writer” and he is quite candid about the work he does.

He has an uncanny ability to convey the essence of a character in a different way than you would expect a writer to.

In Amit’s novels, the character of Vishnu is a kind of outsider in a very old world, where everything is a big mystery, he’s constantly being challenged, and his life revolves around it.

He is a great writer.

So, what is it about Vishnu that makes him so special?

What makes him unique?

What is he that makes Amit so special in a way that makes his works so good?

So, I thought, let’s do some research.

Here is what I came up with.

The first book by Aamim is called ‘The Story of God’.

It was written in 1993, and it was the first of two books written by A.K.A. Bachchan, and was published in 1996.

I have read the first book in its entirety, and in the first two parts, it is very difficult to get into the book.

You have to pick up the story on the page, then it’s hard to get back to the characters, and then you have to go back to see what’s going on in the world.

The first book of Aamam’s series is known as ‘The Last Book of Vishnamur’.

In this book, the protagonist is Vishnu.

He lives on a very remote island in the Indian Ocean.

Vishnu has this idea that he will one day return to his home and return to the old world.

He’s living alone, but when he goes back, he has to fight for his life, because he has no friends.

He doesn’t have any family.

He also doesn’t know how to talk to anybody.

He can’t understand why nobody wants to meet him.

He believes that he is a stranger.

So, he is very lonely.

He gets up in the morning and thinks about how to get his mother back.

He goes out for some food, and he comes back to find his mother is dead.

He realizes that he can’t go back, because it’s not safe to go anywhere, even though he knows there is a path.

This is the beginning of a story about a man who’s lost his mother.

I read a book called ‘Aunt Sita’s Stories’.

It’s a book written by the author Amit Kumar.

Amit Kumar is a good friend of my father, and my father and I were very close, so we went to see him when he was a young child.

Amit and I sat on the sofa for a while, and we were both talking about the way we wanted to write this book.

I had been thinking about the idea for a long time, and the first thing Amit said was, “You know, you need to write something about an aunt, and this aunt, Sita.

How about this book called Aunt Sita?

Sita was my aunt when I was a child, and now I want to write a book about her.”

He started to tell me about the story, and as he talked about the aunt, he told me that he had written the first chapter of the book about this aunt.

I sat on that sofa, and Amit came up to me and said, “I’m a very talented writer, I can write a very nice story, but I can’t write a great story.

What do you think?”

I said, I don’t know what a great book is, but you need a good story to tell a story.

Amit said, you can write about everything.

He said that he’s a very good writer, he can write great stories.

I was really moved.

I felt very excited, and that’s when Amit said to me, “Now, you have a great opportunity to write the story that I want you to write.”

So, I started writing the story.

It’s about this young man, who comes to an old friend who has gone to the island where he lives.

The friend, who is the only one in the family, doesn’t want to see the boy, because the boy is always going somewhere and doesn’t like going to his aunt.

So the boy goes to his uncle’s place, where he meets a boy.

This boy tells the boy about the island, the old island.

The boy tells him that there are four islands, and all four islands are very mysterious.

The boy is then told about the islands of the old people, the gods, and what is