Which novel series did you pick up when you were young?

I remember reading a lot of stories when I was a kid.

One of my favorites was The Jungle Book.

I loved it.

The stories were full of adventure, and it was all about the magic of nature.

And I was drawn to the jungle.

And it was so beautiful.

I was so into it.

I wanted to live there, and I wanted my friends to live in there.

I just loved it, and the Jungle Book was such a big part of my childhood.

But I had also seen other books that were just as magical.

I’d read the stories in The Jungle, and then I’d seen the movies.

So I loved The Jungle book and I loved Jungle Book II, and The Jungle Story.

So that’s what I loved.

But when I grew up and saw The Jungle Tales, I got a bit of a kick out of it, too.

It was just a little bit of fantasy.

I liked the way it was set, it was just such a wonderful world.

And that’s where I ended up reading a bunch of them.

I didn’t pick up The Jungle at first.

But then I was going through The Jungle and I got stuck into it, so I was reading the stories that I loved as a kid, which was pretty much every story I could find.

I would go to the library, and sometimes I would sit there and I’d get my book and read it and get inspired.

And then when I got older, I’d pick up all of the older stories that were still in print, like The Jungle Books, and Jungle Stories.

I also loved The Legend of Zelda series.

The Legend Of Zelda series was a big influence.

I read the Legend of Korra and The Legend on Zelda, and those are two of my favorite stories.

I’m a big fan of The Legend On Zelda, but I loved that Zelda series a lot.

It’s so rich and complex, and so amazing.

And the art in The Legend.

That’s what inspired me to do it, to do The Legend as well.

I did the art for the book, and that’s the only time I ever got paid to do any artwork.

I had to just sit there, not even make any money, just sit at home and do nothing.

But the art I did was amazing, and they were amazing.

It wasn’t even just drawing on a page, I actually had to make drawings.

I actually did all the backgrounds for the books, because I wanted them to be realistic and look like they were from the past.

I really wanted them all to look like there were trees, and flowers, and things like that.

So it was a lot to handle, and really difficult, but it’s a huge inspiration for me.

And also, there were so many amazing artists that I’ve never seen before, so it was really cool.

So, I really got into The Legend, and just kept on reading them.

And every time I saw something new, I started reading it, because it was amazing.

But it was kind of like the jungle books.

The Jungle books are just fantastic, and there’s nothing like The Legend books.

So when I did The Legend I was really inspired to do more.

I got to work with a lot more artists.

I met a lot people, and did a lot interviews with them.

So there’s a lot that I did that I haven’t done yet.

But The Legend was a huge influence, and now that I’m an adult, I’m reading The Legend series.

And there’s something about the story that’s really inspiring to me, and if I’m going to continue to read it, then I’m really excited.

It still inspires me to get out and live in the jungle, and go in and look at it, do a little adventure.