‘I’ll just do it’: Justin Trudeau says he will do whatever it takes to win reelection

Canada’s prime minister says he’ll do whatever he can to win re-election in October and vowed to keep fighting for a better deal in the countrys future.

Justin Trudeau made the comments during a question-and-answer session at the Globe and Mail’s National Press Club in Toronto.

The Liberals have been battling to stay in power, and are set to win a majority in Parliament, but have yet to secure a majority mandate.

Trudeau also defended his decision to take a second leave of absence from the federal cabinet.

“The government of Canada has a mandate.

I will continue to do whatever I can to ensure that Canadians get the job done,” Trudeau said.

Trudeau said he will not be campaigning on the campaign trail and will be doing all he can, including talking to voters on the ground, to ensure Canadians are satisfied with their government.

Trudeau and other Liberals have made promises to reduce Canadas deficit, curb greenhouse gas emissions, and increase the country’s participation in the U.N. climate change agreement.

“I am not campaigning, but I am doing everything I can,” Trudeau told reporters at the meeting.

“In addition to campaigning, I will be visiting voters in my riding, my riding association, and in the communities.

I’m going to keep doing everything to ensure I am satisfied with the results.”

Trudeau also said he’s “very much looking forward to the next two years” and expects to take the reins as prime minister in 2021.