‘Pulitzer Prize for Literature’: How Epic is ‘Pulp Fiction 2.0’ – Exclusive interview with filmmaker Josh Singer

From the creators of ‘Pelican’ and ‘Pilgrim’, Josh Singer has produced a new, critically acclaimed film about the novel Pulitzer Prize winner Pulitzer prize winning author William Faulkner.

The documentary is set to hit cinemas on January 28.

Singer, who is best known for directing the ‘Hangover’ and upcoming ‘Bully’ films, said: “Pulp fiction is a great literary genre, but it is also a genre that we have never seen in the history of cinema.

It’s a genre where you can take characters that are fictional and really bring them into the world and then they actually live through their experience.

So I think the Pulitzer award is very exciting for a lot of people.”

I think it’s a perfect opportunity to take a very big genre and turn it into something new.

“There’s a lot to take away from the films that I’m in now, and the film will also have a big impact on the way that I think about the genre of cinema as a whole.”

“The thing about Pulitzer is that it’s all about a specific moment in time.

I think that the Pulitzers have been about this moment in history and that’s what makes them so unique.”

They’re the moment in cinema that people have to look back on their childhoods and think about.

That’s really what makes the film so special.

“The story of Faulkners novel Pulitzerees novel, Pulitzering, begins with an 18th-century New England farmhouse in the middle of a long drought.

Pulitzering is very much about a man who’s trying to make something of his life and that is a big part of the story.””

We wanted to show a story that’s really universal and that has a very clear sense of what the writer is thinking and feeling about the world,” Singer said.

“Pulitzering is very much about a man who’s trying to make something of his life and that is a big part of the story.”

It’s a man in the 21st century who’s just trying to survive, but in a very specific way.

“The documentary will also include behind-the-scenes footage of the production of the film.

Singer said:”I always feel that it was important for us to show the people who are behind the camera that we’re not just making a film about this.

We’re doing this film about something really special and very unique and really, really important to us.

“The film, which is based on the first book of Faulks ‘The Pulitzerers’ trilogy, will be shown on HBO’s ‘Pilot’ programme in the US and UK in early 2018.