What is the meaning of the name ‘Lightning’?

Anil Chandra Das and Amit Chaudhary have put forward a book called ‘Lightnings’ to explain the significance of the Sanskrit word ‘Light’.

The duo has asked people to consider that this word, meaning ‘light’, is the most sacred term in the world, said the book, which is being released today.

The word ‘light’ is also known as ‘fire’ and ‘water’ and is a very important part of Hinduism, said Das and Chaud, who have published their book, ‘Lightness in India’ and will be presenting it at the Indian Literary Festival here later this month.

The two authors said the word ‘lava’ was created by the Hindu god Shiva to signify the power of the universe, which has been the focus of their research.

The book will be released in the US, UK and India, they said.

‘Light in India’, which is a translation of the Hindi book ‘Light’, is scheduled to be released next month.’

Light in the Universe’, which was published in 2008, explores the relationship between the sun and planets in our solar system, said Chaud.

The team has compiled an extensive research into the meanings of the word.

They have found that the word, which means ‘light in the universe’, is derived from the Sanskrit name ‘Nad’ and the word is also the name of the goddess in which the sun was worshipped.

The authors said that the name Nad means ‘power of light’, ‘love of light’ and that its meaning can be understood by looking at the Hindu scriptures.

‘Nads’ is an ancient Hindu concept which means to be strong, resilient and ‘love the light’.

‘Nadhya’, ‘lightness in the earth’, ‘Nathana’ and other Sanskrit words are also associated with the concept.

‘Lavas’ is the name for this light, said Chandra Das.

The book will discuss the meaning and history of this term.

Light is not a natural energy that is always present in our universe, but it is a gift from God, Das said.

The meaning of ‘Light’ is to be found in the scriptures, the author said.

It is a cosmic term which is one of the four sacred terms in Hinduism.

The researchers said that they wanted to explore the nature of light in our cosmos to better understand the meaning.’

We need to learn from the scriptures and understand how they describe the universe and our universe,’ said Chuddin.

The authors also said that in Hindu mythology, the moon is associated with darkness and the sun with light.’

The moon is sacred in India, which comes in the form of a woman called Lakshmi.

She is a protector of all creatures.

In ancient Indian philosophy, the word nadya is translated as ‘love’.’

Light and darkness are not the same thing,’ said Das.

‘Both light and darkness, like a river, can be seen by a human eye.”

The word Nadya’ means ‘love’ and it means to love the light and the darkness,’ said Chandra.

‘It is a concept of the human mind that can be interpreted by looking for the symbol in the symbols of the Hindu texts.’

Light and dark are two separate energies that come from the same source, Das explained.

‘One source of light and one source of darkness are the same.’

The authors also found that in the Hindu Scriptures, the goddess Lakshmi is depicted as a bright woman who is loved by all.

‘The goddess is depicted in the scripture as the lover of all beings.

Her love for all creatures is the source of the divine light,’ said the authors.

The Hindu gods are also depicted as ‘light-loving’, Das said, referring to the fact that they have a deep understanding of all things.

‘This is what we want to explore in the light of the sun.’

The authors said there is a great similarity between the Hindu goddess Lakshmikas life and the lives of the people of Earth.

‘In the Hindu myths, the gods are described as being benevolent, benevolent, nurturing, nurturing and loving.

Their lives and their deeds reflect this.’

‘We need people to think about this,’ said Sudha Das.’

These are the life stories of our ancestors, the creators of the Vedas and the scriptures,’ said Amit Chuddin, the co-author of the book.

The two authors have written a book about the origins of the term ‘Light.

We have created a book that will help people understand their past lives.”

Lavish’ is another term used in the texts for the goddess.

Das and Chand have said that Lakshmiki is also associated to the word lava.

‘Bharat’ is a Sanskrit word for ‘the world’.’

In the past, our ancestors created the universe with the power and strength of light,’ Das said and added that the universe was born from the ‘lunar force’ of