Which literary works have the best conflicts in literature?

Newsweek , December 8, 2011 – 12:00:01The editors at Newsweek have selected a collection of primary literature from across the world that they feel has the best conflict in literature.

The editors said their selections for the list reflect their view that books should be read and read with care.

“This is an opportunity for us to hear from readers and readers to voice their opinions on how their favorite books have the conflict they want to read,” said Marc Zukor, Newsweek’s publisher.

The list includes novels, short stories, short essays, and poetry.

It is a work in progress, and it’s being published by the Newsweek Book Club.

“We want to listen to readers and we want to engage with readers,” Zukus said.

“Our aim is to help readers find their own voice.”

According to the book club, conflict in the literature lists includes works that feature major conflicts between the protagonist and antagonist, and between the main characters and their secondary characters.

“It’s not just the main character’s actions or the character’s viewpoint that are relevant, it’s how the characters feel about it,” Zuks said.

“When we put a book down and ask the reader to go to the next one, we’re not looking for conflict but for the reader’s reaction to it.”

The list also includes books about people who are not central to the main narrative.

“Some of the books on the list, like a book about a man who’s just a regular guy who’s a good kid, but he’s in love with his mom, those are not the kinds of books we’re interested in,” Zakuor said.