When Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded: How the winners were selected

Technology and Innovation: A Brief History article How did the Nobel Prizes Work?

The Prizes were awarded to writers and thinkers who had a major impact on the field of science.

The winners were chosen in an effort to “make literature better” and “give them more freedom to express themselves in their own voices.”

The Nobel Prize Board decided on the nominees by asking a committee of experts to select a short list of the most important works of literature and other works of creative work, which was then submitted to the Nobel Committee.

The committee then selected a shortlist of six writers and three of the five Nobel Laureates, which are the only two of its kind.

The five nominees have won the Nobel Prize since 1921.

Winners can be recognized in person at the Nobel Memorial Hall in Oslo, Norway, on Nov. 4, 2020.

Source: Associated Press