How to get your book on the bestseller list in India, says a new book by the vice lord author of Lord of the Rings

The vice lord of Lord Of The Rings, George RR Martin, has written a book called The Return Of The King.

And the publisher is offering it to buy.

The book will be published in English and Indian editions on the same day. 

The book has been released in a special edition and will be available for sale on Amazon and other online retailers starting Friday, February 7.

The vice master of the British Empire, William Faulkner, and Martin’s cousin, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, both wrote books in their prime. 

It was not the first time Martin, a fan of Tolkien’s work, had written a Lord Of the Rings book.

He wrote a first edition of the trilogy in 1962, and a second edition in 1976. 

But the new book, The Return of the King, will be the first to deal with the epic saga. 

“It’s a fantasy that takes place on a small island of Ireland and is set in a fantasy world.

It’s set on the edge of a war.

We’ve got a lot of characters who are very much alive and well, and it’s all very epic,” said Martin. 

“[It] is a story about the coming of the king back and a battle that takes on a life of its own, that’s all part of Tolkien.”

Ahead of its release, Martin said he would be publishing books by other British authors in India.

“I would be happy to write anything,” he said.

“But I think the best way to get the word out is to get some of the authors to come to India, to see the books and to see what they think.

That will help us decide whether we want to put them in.”