Why does the New York Times have a gay section?

A New York City-based LGBT publication, The Next Word, is launching a section on the Times’ website devoted to gay literature.

The project, which launched last month, is part of a larger initiative to build more diverse voices on the paper’s editorial front page.

“We have to do more to tell stories in ways that are not only relevant, but also relevant for our readership,” said editor-in-chief Alex Borschberg.

“What’s going on on the front page is important, but it’s also important for our audience to understand what’s happening in the world and the stories being told.”

The Next word’s Gay Writers of the Year, as the title suggests, are among the winners, with the group’s co-founder and editor-at-large Matt Dines, who also serves as the papers gay-friendly columnist, making the top 10.

Other awardees include David G. Zang, the author of the forthcoming The Unfinished Game, who is also the editor of The Next Letter.

Another award is a nod to gay writers who have made a difference in the field, including author and editor David Foster Wallace, whose work has been embraced by gay rights groups.

Another writer who has made a significant impact is writer, filmmaker, and director Spike Jonze, whose recent documentary, “Boyhood,” is the latest of the year’s gay-themed films to make the New Zealand documentary shortlist.

The Next Words of Gay Fiction, a section devoted to short stories by LGBT authors, is also coming online soon.

The anthology of short stories published by the literary journal the Atlantic includes titles from authors like Kate Atkinson, who co-wrote the award-winning novel “The Other Half of Me,” and the acclaimed author Sarah Gartner.

The magazine’s president, David Bier, said that he is proud to support this initiative to help broaden the range of the gay-positive voice on the newspaper’s editorial page.

The New York Daily News also announced a Gay Voices of the Week section this week, which will feature a collection of short fiction by LGBTQ writers and artists.

“It’s not a one-off, it’s part of an ongoing effort,” said News editor Joe DiSalle.

“This initiative is a response to a particular wave of stories about the invisibility of LGBT people and the struggles of our communities.

We’re excited to see the work of some of the best LGBT writers and thinkers, including Alex Belsky, John Green, Tanya Gelsomino, Jhumpa Lahiri, David Foster and others.”

The list also includes contributions from writers such as writer/director Joe Hill, who penned the film “A Walk Among the Tombstones,” and artist and essayist Margo Martindale, who wrote about her transgender experiences in the book “The Queer Child.”

For more information on the Gay Voices section, please visit The NextWord.com.