How does it feel to be the first writer to be a Pulitzer Prize winner?

In a few years, the Pulitzer Prize will no longer be awarded to a single person for writing the most impactful work.

But there’s one person whose name will remain forever in the annals of American literature: the author of American Gothic literature.

For the past 40 years, author James H. Burchfield has been the literary face of American gothicism, and it’s an honor to have been chosen for the prestigious honor.

It’s also an honor for the writer himself.

To be chosen for this prestigious prize, Burchfields first had to prove his writing skills.

In 1965, he wrote the book The Story of Gothic America, a story that would eventually be adapted into the best-selling novel American Gothic.

The story, which became an icon of the genre, tells the story of the rise of a small group of people who use the supernatural in their everyday lives, such as the witching rituals and the supernatural encounters that the novel tells.

In his first novel, American Gothic, Burs was influenced by the works of J.R.

R Tolkien, and he even went so far as to make a version of The Hobbit.

Burs had written several books about the supernatural, including American Gothic: The Story Of The Wicked Witch of the West.

In 1976, Bens debut novel American Horror Story was published, and Burchfeld had become one of the most popular authors in the genre.

Burt’s work has continued to make an impact as he has been nominated for multiple awards, including two Pulitzers, the American Book Award, the National Book Award for Fiction and the National Magazine Award for Nonfiction.

Bills success with American Gothic has helped shape the way the genre has been discussed and talked about.

In 2010, Burt published his first book in American Gothic (also known as American Gothic The Complete Story), and the novel was adapted into a film starring Brad Pitt, Michael Keaton and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

In 2015, the award for best novel was presented to Burch, and his writing earned him a second Pulitzer Prize nomination.

In 2017, he received another Pulitzer Prize.

Banners on the wall at the Museum of American Literature at the Library of Congress proclaim his writing as “American Gothic.”

In 2018, Buss published his third book, The Witch, a historical fiction novel about the rise and fall of the Salem Witch Trials.

Burch’s latest work, American Ghost, is currently being adapted into an animated series, but he is also a member of the Writers Guild of America, and in 2017 he was named to the National Writers Guild Hall of Fame.

For Burch the award is a validation that he is one of America’s greatest writers, and not only because of his work.

He also credits his family for being able to provide him with a strong foundation for writing.

Buss said, “I would like to thank my family for helping me write American Gothic.”

For me, it’s a validation, and also an appreciation that I’ve made the kind of contributions that I have, that I’m able to contribute to a country and a genre that’s very, very rich.