When is a novel not a novel?

I’ve never really thought about it, but the idea that a novel is not a book and that it’s a story with a beginning and a middle seems absurd.

This was a problem for me as a child, when the author didn’t explain how a story begins, how it ends, or how it becomes a book.

I found myself looking for the right words, and when I did, I got confused.

I also struggled with the idea of what it is that makes a novel interesting, since it’s not always a straightforward description of what is happening in the story.

For me, the only thing that made the story interesting was the characters.

I could relate to the story, even if I didn’t know the author.

I’ve also always liked the fact that a book is never set in a linear space, as if it’s something that happens in an infinite loop.

I believe that every book can be understood through the lens of its characters.

And in my case, my life experience has helped me understand the importance of these characters.

In my experience, they’re the people who make the book so interesting, and the book has a story to tell.