How to talk to a Nigerian woman

NAGA, Nigeria — A Nigerian man says he was raped in Nigeria after he told a Nigerian acquaintance to meet him in his apartment.

The man told his friend he’d be home soon.

But as the two made their way to his apartment, they were accosted by two men who forced them into a car, according to the complaint.

The men then drove the men to a secluded area of the Niger Delta and forced them to have sex with them, the complaint said.

A friend of the man told the two men, “Don’t come.”

But the men insisted on leaving, and the friend fled the scene, the friend told police.

The two men fled the area and were stopped by police in the parking lot of a shopping mall, according the complaint, which did not say where they were stopped.

They were arrested and charged with rape and kidnapping, the police complaint said, and are being held in a local jail.

A police officer who was nearby said he did not see the two women as they left.